SAT (SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE TEST) is a three-hour and forty-five minute, mostly multiple-choice examination divided into sections. SAT scores are accepted by many universities worldwide. Candidates are tested in only Mathematics and English Language.
The SAT is offered by The College Board to high school students. According to the College Board, the SAT is designed to measure your aptitude for college work.

Practise with original SAT test samples in generally acknowledged practice books  e.g. Barrons, Petersons, McGraw, Kaplan, College Board etc.
You have to time yourself well while practicing.
4– 5 hours of intensive study is needed daily at least some weeks before the exam.
Get your test day materials ready before the date.
Know your centre before the test date.
Over 2000 real questions should have been solved.
Your vocabulary level should be at the highest advance stage.
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